‘Battleship’ Writers Penning ‘The Raid: Redemption’ American Remake

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The Raid Redemption weapons Battleship Writers Penning The Raid: Redemption American Remake

These days, it takes a lot to wow an audience, especially one comprised of savvy and sophisticated moviegoers who have seemingly seen it all. Needless to say, surprises at the cinema are becoming harder to come by, but fortunately, we came across a very pleasant one two years ago in the form of a furious and bloody martial arts/action spectacle called The Raid: Redemption.

The low-budgeted Indonesian film didn’t present a complex story, but still managed to score near perfection (it is one of the only films with a 5-star review score at Screen Rant) with its impressive action sequences, taut direction and precisely-executed stunts. Those who saw it seemed to get everything they wanted out of an action film, but of course, that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from looking to recreate the magic with a remake.

According to Bleeding Cool, an American remake has been in the works with Sony for a while now with the original’s director, Gareth Evans, attached as an executive producer. And this week, we learned that the English-language do-over added Jon and Erich Hoeber (Battleship, Red 2), who are in the early stages of rewriting the script.

Reportedly, the original structure is said to be in tact, but the Hoebers may change some of the film’s dialogue (there wasn’t much in the original) as well as make other Americanized revisions. However, considering Evans is still attached to the remake, the no-holds-barred action sequences and the incredible martial arts battles will hopefully be unaltered.

Fans of the original will already likely be irked to see The Raid get an American makeover, but they’ll probably become enraged if the Hoebers turn the script into your typical cliched and cheesy one-liner driven American action movie. With Battleship, Red and Red 2 on their resume, one could argue that Raid fans have reason to be skeptical.

The Raid Redemption fights Battleship Writers Penning The Raid: Redemption American Remake

Fortunately, Evans is a common denominator behind the scenes for both projects and if he has any say, the film could avoid becoming too convoluted and cutesy. After all, it was the whirlwind of flying fists, machetes and bodies that made the original undeniably entertaining, not jokes, pop-culture references or romantic side stories.

And even if the The Raid remake ends up disappointing, fans will still have the original’s sequel, The Raid 2: Berandal, to look forward to. Although we haven’t seen any footage of the sequel – which started shooting earlier this year – we did get a glimpse at some images a few months back and we’re thrilled to say that the new film looks as raw and violent as the first.


There are currently no release dates for the American remake of The Raid: Redemption or The Raid 2: Berandal, but we’ll keep you updated on both projects as they develop.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Who cares who is writing? Just give me Jason Statham, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Wesley Snipes and Gary Daniels locked in a building martial artsing the hell out of each other.

    • If you want that, then go watch the Expendables! Leave The Raid out of this!

  2. Wait what?? You cant remake this film without the same direct. Im sorry but the cheography, and the way the raid was shot was incredible. How the camera caught every blow and everything was perfectly capture. Thr first director in a long time to pull the camera back and just watch the fight. Fantastic action film

    • Trey, Ruhian Yayan AKA MadDog is doing the choreography for the amercian remake. I just hope they use real martial artist for this movie, not some random actor who trains for martial arts for a couple months.

  3. the raid can never be remade…these guys are going to screw up a classic, there is no american director that can pull off such great action and stunt work..

    • John Hyams has already done that. Repeatedly.

  4. epic fail

  5. Its going to be garbage! when hollywood gets their hands on it!

  6. I’ve been watching Eastern martial arts films for the past 30 years, since i saw Drunken Master and Snake in Eagle’s Shadow on VHS as a child, so i was pretty excited to see The Raid after all the hype. In the end, that’s pretty much all it was for me, hype. It was well-filmed and all, but there was nothing else to it. I was pretty disappointed, but i’ll look forward to the sequel to see how it fares. Evans’ first film, Merantau was nothing special either. Apart from having great action skills, i don’t think he’s that good a director.

    The Raid was just a mish-mash of several much better films, it’s not in the slightest bit original (which doesn’t bother me, but people seem to think it’s something fresh and new) and the fights were seen as amaaaaaazing because they went on for so long and were so bloody. To me, anyway, it was nothing special. I’m glad people enjoyed it, as it might bring exposure to other, more deserving Asian films, but i think it’s mainly been lavished with praise by people who might not ordinarily watch that kind of film and are maybe unfamiliar with this kind of action.

    Here’s something for all the people who keep harping on about how Dredd, a far superior film, ripped off their beloved “The Raid”; “Dredd’s screenplay was written in 2008 and leaked online in 2010. Principal photography on Dredd took place between November and December 2010. The Raid did not go into production until November 2010, and was filmed in March 2011. Until the Summer of 2010, Raid director Gareth Evans had been planning to make an entirely different film and put The Raid together over the next nine months.”

    • @wabalicious

      It’s like we’re twins. Exactly my sentiment about this whole issue. I might have liked The Raid a bit more than you seemed to have, but I also didn’t think it was very special. It kind of seemed like The Raid might have had a bit of an inspiration from Dredd huh? Well, I wouldn’t go as far to say that, but the people who are claiming Dredd copied The Raid are definitely 100% wrong…

      • I probably ranted a bit there, sorry! I didn’t hate it, but i definitely thought the hype was enormous and overpowered what was, for me anyway, an average thriller. I’m glad people liked it and hopefully it’ll make them aware of the hundreds of great foreign action films there are out there. It’s more the constant accusations from people who think they know it all that annoy me, “Dredd is a rip-off of The Raid”, getting their knickers in a twist about things they really know nothing about and shouting down anyone who tries to tell them different. I’ll certainly check out the sequel to The Raid, there’s no doubt Evans knows how to do action, and you really can’t beat a good action film.

    • me too, but the opposite way. i think the raid is far superior, i can’t even stand to watch any longer than the first 30 min of dredd, for me its just another action movie with bunch of effects.

  7. Now guess what’s gonna happen when the live action Gatchaman gets americanized

    • Joe Taslim is back in The Raid remake.

      • absolutely agree 1000%

  8. I wonder if Spike Lee will direct this remake as well?

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  10. But they already did its call “Dredd” the remake of Judge Dredd

    • It’s not a remake of the Stallone Judge Dredd. It’s another film based on the same source material, with one character, Dredd, appearing in both films. Is Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr a remake of Basil Rathbone’s Holmes film The Hound of the Baskervilles? No. Is The Amazing Spiderman a remake of Raimi’s Spiderman? Is The Living Daylights a remake of Dr No? Of course not – they’re the same characters being used in new films, played by different people. Do you actually know what a remake is?

      • @wabalicious

        Well, he also though Dredd was a remake of The Raid, so apparently he’s not too knowledgeable about all of this movie stuff…

    • @kristoph

      Geez, not only could you go to bing or google and search for this and find out that Dredd’s script was done LONG before The Raid even began production, but this fact has been brought up SEVERAL times within this article’s comments alone… Next time, do a little bit of research so you don’t sound like a fool.

  11. They already made an american version its called Dredd and it was great. So why spend money on anther project when they can make a sequel to that?

    • @Chris, scroll up, read my comment 2 comments up. smh

      • I wasnt making the comment that dredd is a remake of the raid but that it shares alot of similarities and is just as good as the other.

        • @Chris

          Oh alright. It’s just such a common mistake, and the wording of your comment kind of suggested it as well. Well, even if you didn’t intend it that way, I’m willing to bet someone else will comment in the near future that will make that statement.

          • Understandable and someone probably will.

  12. Scott Adkins.

  13. In today’s world, no need to make a movie remake, because it would not be able to repeat the success of the original film.
    I will assure you of that!, Because the surprise factor and others are no longer for the remake movie audience.

  14. In today’s world, no need to make a movie remake, because it would not be able to repeat the success of the original movie.
    I will assure you of that!, Because the surprise factor and others are no longer for the remake movie goers.

  15. Hollywood is useless and has no talent, they just want to remake everything that comes from asia and Indonesia. They lost their sense of creativity, and live off of horrible remakes now. Hollywood doesn’t have and know the best way to display martial arts on screen because they know nothing about it. A raid remake ? why does it need to be remade ? theres nothing wrong with the movie at all. the beauty of the ORIGINAL raid movie is that it was raw and brutal and really violent with WELL choreographed fights, Hollywood wont beable to capture this at all because of their “safety” and “ratings” system. Hollywood should just die, and save the world from their horrible movies they putout now days. They take credit with remakes as if its their own original work, when they advertised “The departed” they didn’t even give credit to the original hong kong version, America is useless

    • Now the question is, whether the filmmakers in Hollywood also will do a remake of the sequel The Raid 2?, And also Raid 3, and so on .. .. … . Raid 4; Raid 5; .. .
      According to me, the idea to remake The Raid is the mind of someone who is stupid.

        The rawness and brutality and choreography and how they didn’t have to worry about safety this and that much for the ratings etc of the movie, PLUS major points here, iko uwais is a silat practitioner, whats the remake going to bring in ? MMA ? they obviously will. Not taking anything from or hating on MMA I watch it myself but c’mon. This is a silat movie and the original will always be the better than the remake/s.

  16. There’s no way in hell they’ll be able to top or even MATCH the raid 1 and 2 with their remake/s, no way ever. I say that with experience like many others, that remakes always suck. Just because they’ll have gareth evans on set to say how things should go in the remake, doesn’t mean it will be good. Hollywood has their safety ratings that take away so much from a movie because of “what it displays” or “its too violent”. The closest thing In Hollywood I can think of that brings us true violence on screen is Budget and unknown horror films. Foreign movies are always better, and the Hollywood remakes suck. Its almost like Hollywood is trying to trash the foreign originals because they didn’t come up with those movies first, talk about jealousy and money.