This weekend, the romantic drama The Vow opens in theaters nationwide. Starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, this story about a woman losing her memory and her husband’s bid to get her to fall in love with him again was inspired by a true story. The film, though, adds in too much schmaltz and melodrama to really work.

So instead of putting down ten bucks to check this out, we’ve come up with a list of five Rachel McAdams – in no particular order – that are definitely worth checking out instead. Rent these and avoid the crowds at the cineplex this weekend.

This 2011 Woody Allen comedy was my favorite movie of the year. Although McAdams plays an unlikable character, it’s still a wonderful film that is definitely worth a look. The film stars Owen Wilson as an idealistic writer who longs to live in a bygone era in Paris’ past. McAdams plays his adorable but flawed fiance.

During this awards season, Midnight in Paris has already picked up a few trophies and it’s been nominated for four Academy Awards, including best picture.


When people think about Rachel McAdams films, the thriller Red Eye usually doesn’t usually come to mind – but directed by Wes Craven, this creepy story is a lot of fun. McAdams stars as a passenger seated on an airplane next to a manipulative sociopath, played by Cillian Murphy. If you want to see McAdams in a thrilling adventure, make sure you check this out.

Also, if you enjoy McAdams in action films, Sherlock Holmes and its sequel, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows are also recommended (McAdams plays a minor role in both).

Yes, Rachel McAdams may play one of the mean girls in this 2004 comedy, but this movie is still a lot of fun. Starring opposite Lindsay Lohan, McAdams plays the conniving and manipulative Regina George. With a screenplay written by Saturday Night Live‘s Tina Fey, this is a fun film about high school cliques and social pressure.

If you like this, you might also enjoy  2005’s Wedding Crashers, another comedy featuring the lovely and talented actress.

Morning Glory is a great little comedy that was under-appreciated when it arrived in theaters in 2010. The story finds McAdams playing the resolute and energetic producer of a low-rated morning talk show. She may face some great obstacles in the film but she looks like she’s having a wonderful time doing it!

In the leading role, McAdams shines opposite screen legends Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton.


For all of the romantics out there, we’ll include the role that may be Rachel McAdams’ most famous. In 2004, she starred opposite Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, a sappy but satisfying love story.

Instead of seeing The Vow at a crowded theater, sit back, relax and watch this tearjerker instead.  The Notebook may not be a great film but it’s an enjoyable one – so it’s a great pick for the weekend before Valentine’s Day.

Rachel McAdams has surely blossomed into a wonderful actress over the past few years. Unfortunately, The Vow gives her little to do. So instead of watching it this weekend, we recommend the following films that show this young actress in some of her best roles.

  • Midnight in Paris
  • Red Eye
  • Mean Girls
  • Morning Glory
  • The Notebook