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Test Your X-Men Knowledge – Do You Know The Villains’ Real Names?

A great selection of iconic villains is important for any superhero franchise. Would people care so much about Batman if he didn’t have such an amazing rogues gallery? On the flip side of this, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had numerous movies with terrible villains (like Guardians of the Galaxy) that had to be saved by amazing performances from the heroes. Th X-Men franchise is lucky enough to have a huge selection of great villains to choose from, which the movies haven’t even come close to exhausting.

The X-Men have gone through numerous iterations over the years. You have the original team from the sixties, the second generation that followed them, the team that formed in Australia, the famous Blue & Gold teams from the ’90s, the Ultimate version of the X-Men, the numerous alternate reality versions of the team (like the Exiles), the spinoff teams (like X-Factor and X-Force), the young teams in training (like the New Mutants and Generation X), and the modern versions of the team. Each of these groups has their own stable of villains, which all came with their own backstories and motives for opposing the X-Men.

If you clicked on this quiz, then you probably think that you know a lot about the villains of the X-Men. There are lots of villains to choose from, as the X-Men were Marvel’s most popular team for a long time and they had numerous series and spinoffs in order to capitalize on that success. This gives us a lot of villains to choose from. So, Do You Know The Real Names Of These X-Men Villains?

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