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Test Your X-Men Knowledge – Do You Know Their Real Names?

Superheroes often take a codename in order to hide their true identity. The X-Men do this, too, though they are less concerned about hiding themselves. It is pointless taking on a fake identity when your power turns you into a hairy blue ape or a monster made of rocks. Those guys are pretty easy to pick out of a crowd. Despite this, the X-Men still use assumed names.

The X-Men comics are all about a team dynamic. All of the students at Xavier’s school are like one big family, which has only grown in size over the years. The X-Men are not limited to mutants either, as they have had robots, aliens, cyborgs, genetically engineered lifeforms, chemically altered humans, magic users, and even godlike beings among their number. It’s possible that the X-Men have had more members than any other Marvel superhero team.

If you clicked on this quiz, then you probably think that you know your X-Men trivia. The X-Men have been one of Marvel’s most popular teams since the ’70s, which means that we have hundreds of characters to choose from. So can you give the real names of these X-Men members?

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