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Who – Or What – Killed These Final Fantasy Characters?

The Final Fantasy series has starred many different memorable characters over the years. Part of the fun of the games involves getting to know your party members and helping them to accomplish their goals. This works better in some cases than others, as plenty of Final Fantasy characters earned a significant hatedom, such as Vaan and Snow Villiers.

In order to create drama and to break the hearts of fans everywhere, the creators of Final Fantasy would often kill a character as part of the story. This isn’t some temporary death that happens in a fight, where they can walk it off after a Phoenix Down and a stay at the inn. No, these deaths were grand affairs that happened in cutscenes. These deaths proved that anyone can fall in the line of duty and that the creators weren’t afraid to kill off a character in a permanent way.

If you clicked on this quiz, then you probably think that you know the fates of all the Final Fantasy characters. This series has had countless characters that met untimely ends, which gives us a lot of deaths to choose from. So can you tell us What Killed These Final Fantasy Characters?

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