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Who Voiced This Animated Disney Character?

You’ve seen every Disney movie, you know the songs, but how well do you know the actors who voiced your favorite characters?

Disney’s prestige has always made it easy for them to nab big name actors. But when watching an animated film, it’s easy to forget or lose track of who’s voicing each character. Once you realize who lent their voice to some of these characters, you may be in for a surprise. A few of these stars will be people you had no idea were in a Disney flick.

The quiz consists of fully animated movies only, no live-action flicks to be found. If the movie begins with a live-action book opening but everything else is animated, we’ve counted it as animated for the purpose of this quiz. Some questions ask who provided the singing voice or speaking voice for a character – if it isn’t specified, that means the character was voiced by one actor.

To dive further into the music of Disney, take our “Can You Finish This Disney Lyric?” quiz. The movies on this quiz are taken from all throughout the Disney timeline. You’ll find both 2D and 3D animation, as well as musicals and non-musicals.

Do you know who voiced these animated Disney characters?

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