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Who (Or What) Killed These X-Men?

Whether you want to refer to it as the magic of comics or painful predictability, death is rarely the end of the story for a superhero. Comic books have a long, rich history of brutally killing off characters, only to resurrect them – sometimes mere issues later. Superman #75 remains one of the highest selling comics of all time, but the Kryptonian returned less than a year later and many attribute the media frenzy surrounding his death to the ’90s collector mentality that almost destroyed the entire industry.

The X-Men have died more than perhaps any other superhero team. Maybe it’s their DNA, their time traveling escapades, or their space adventures, but whatever the reason, many of Marvel’s marvelous mutants have managed to cheat death. They somehow always seem to return to fight another day. Several have even died and been resurrected more than once.

Let’s find out how big of an X-Men fan you really are. Have you read enough to remember the circumstances that led to the death of these heroes? It’s time to take this quiz and see if you can remember Who (Or What) Killed These X-Men?

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