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Which Oscars Did These Famous Actors Actually Win?

Many quiet dinners at home can be ruined by arguing whether or not a particular actor won an Oscar. “Didn’t they win?” “No, they were just nominated.” “No, you’re wrong.” Soon the debate intensifies until finally somebody looks it up on IMDb. With so many talented actors throughout Hollywood’s history (and with the Academy’s bias towards untalented ones over the years), it’s hard to keep track of who has won that golden statuette. But if you want to add another wrinkle to your family dinners gone sour (and why wouldn’t you?) consider this: Which Oscar did they win?

Some actors have won an Oscar for the lead category, others for the supporting category. Some have won both, and some have won neither. It’s harder than you might think to keep track of who won what. Fortunately, this quiz will educate you on thirty plus actors and what specific awards they’ve achieved. That’ll show your know-it-all cousin.

To be clear, all of these actors have at least been nominated for an Oscar, so you’ll find no trick questions on this quiz. That said, it’s time to find out Did This Actor Win A Leading Or Supporting Oscar (or Both/Neither)?

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