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Which Of These Heroes (And Villains) Have Lifted Thor’s Hammer?

When we talk about Thor most people immediately think of the big muscular god with the long, blond hair. But as we’ve learned, whoever wields Mjolnir is the one who winds up with the abilities of the God of Thunder. This can mean someone with the chiseled good looks of Chris Hemsworth can carry the hammer into battle. Or it can wind up in the hands of someone like Jane Foster, which subsequently led to her becoming the new Thor.

Even villains have been able to lift up Mjolnir and utilize its power. Unless you’ve closely followed the history of the hammer, you might be surprised by just how many times Mjolnir has changed hands. It’s always a big deal whenever someone new takes up the weapon, but can you tell the elite few to have done so apart from the fakes? Well that’s what we’re here to find out! So let’s get to it and see if you know Which Of These Heroes (And Villains) Have Lifted Thor’s Hammer.

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