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True Or False: Do These 25 Supervillian Quotes Match The Movie?

As layered and time-tested as their heroic counterparts, comic book supervillains have become pop culture icons, invading the big screen to challenge some of the biggest names in blockbuster movie history. While their motivations aren’t always clear, they serve as the morally questionable opposition, delivering hard to make choices which often send the protagonist into an existential crisis. In some cases, it could be argued that the bad guys are the true heroes of the story, fighting the masked vigilantes as a way of exposing their false claims as purveyors of truth, justice, and the American ideal.

Skimming through our collection of comic book films, we’ve honed in on some of the best villains that have lit up the screen with their signature wit, biting cynicism, and classic tendency towards violence. While they may not have won out in the end, they all share one common trait: they’re all wordsmiths with IQs that exceed expectations. Picking out our favorite monologues, we’ve collected some memorable quotes which showcase the intelligence of the baddest characters in superhero lore. So take a moment and test your knowledge. Let’s see if you have what it takes to walk and talk like a supervillain.

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