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Test Your Mortal Kombat Knowledge: Can You Name These Kharacters?

Cue the awesome techno music! The Mortal Kombat franchise has showered its fans with arcade-style, gory goodness for the last twenty-five years, and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Back in the day, the original entry in the series turned some heads (or should we say some spines?) with its ridiculously over-the-top gore. Fighting games were numerous during the arcade boom, but Mortal Kombat was the first one that allowed you to separate your opponent’s head from their body, impale them on a bed of spikes, and burn the flesh off their bones. Needless to say it sparked a huge controversy and had to be censored for its console ports.

Believe it or not, Mortal Kombat wasn’t all guts and glory. The lore of the universe is actually quite deep, with character backstories stretching the span of decades and intertwining with each other in highly intricate fashion. The mere fact that there have been a dozen games in the series that each introduced a new set of characters means that even the biggest MK fan can get confused about who is who. Are you up to the challenge? It’s time to test your Mortal Kombat knowledge: Can you name these Kharacters?

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