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Test Your Mega Man Knowledge: Can You Name These Robot Masters?

The super fighting robot Mega Man has held a special place in our hearts as one of the big NES classics since the original release back in 1987. He’s also held a special place in our swear jars, too; the Mega Man games may have been absurdly fun, but they were frustratingly difficult too. Seriously, those disappearing blocks are the stuff of every child’s nightmares…

For the uninitiated, the Mega Man games had a formula that was revolutionary for the time. The player could choose which stage they wanted to play from a selection of eight robot masters on the “stage select” screen. They would then have to play through a stage that was (normally) themed to the robot master before facing the evil robot themselves. After defeating the robot master, Mega Man would inherit whatever their special ability was, and use it in the other stages throughout the game. Each of these robot masters was named “whatever their appearance or power is”-Man; throughout the ten games in the classic series there are at least eighty of these guys! Do you think you have what it takes to name them all? Let’s find out! Can you name all these Robot Masters from Mega Man?

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