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Test Your Final Fantasy Knowledge: Can You Name Each Of These Summons?

For over 30 years, the Final Fantasy franchise has provided fans with rich fantasy stories and characters with genuine emotional depth. With each game comes new heroes to cheer on, new villains to hate, and engaging plots that keep fans addicted to the game. Although each game is different, certain elements carry over from game to game to form a continuity throughout the series. The summoned monsters, or “summons“, serve as an example of such a connection.

First introduced in Final Fantasy III in 1990, summoned monsters became part of the game via the powers of Evokers, Sages, and Summoners. Since then, they have become not only power allies but also integrated into the overall story. Starting with Final Fantasy X, the summons could even become temporary party members, acting as a partner to the summoner and, essentially, taking the place of the rest of the team. Though some summons have existed in only one game in the franchise, others have become mainstays throughout the entire series.  Honestly, there is nothing more satisfying than summoning one of these creatures, sitting back, and enjoying their animated entrance.

In this quiz, we plan to test your knowledge of summons from the franchise. Get your MP ready for this challenge.

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