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Test Your Final Fantasy Knowledge: Can You Name Each Of These 50 Monsters?

Without monsters, the Final Fantasy series would be very boring indeed. It would just be a bunch of androgynous boys walking through empty dungeons. Luckily for the player, each Final Fantasy game is loaded with dragons, demons, robots, wizards, undead, summon monsters, and colossal whales, for you to fight. You will be given the opportunity to kill each of them, in order to earn experience points and steal their stuff.

The Final Fantasy series is known for reusing monsters from earlier games. The pixellated sprites from the Nintendo era of games have had their designs updated, and been transformed into 3D models. This has caused some monsters to reach iconic status, as they are fought again and again in different games, that have spanned almost thirty years of history.

If you clicked on this quiz, then you probably think you know your Final Fantasy monsters. The series is composed of over 50 games (if you include the spinoffs), which means that we have hundreds of creatures to choose from. So can you name all of these Final Fantasy monsters?

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