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Supernatural: Can You Name These Monsters?

Supernatural has been on the air for over a decade and– for a show primarily about monster hunting– has managed to remain relatively fresh over that time. Thinking back to the first few seasons (or if you happen to catch one on daytime TV), the show has changed a great deal from its early days of “monster of the week” type episodes into longer story arcs with a growing cast of supporting characters.

Still, the heart of the show remains focused on the hunting exploits of Sam and Dean Winchester and their family tradition of ridding the world of the things that go bump in the night. With recent main story arcs have them hunting bigger baddies, demons, renegade angels, and literal gods– the show still finds time to flesh out some awesome monsters along the way.

While audiences have picked up a knowledge base of how to hunt these various creatures, the most important thing in hunting is knowing what you’re going up against. Sure, most creatures don’t like silver, salt, or iron but why take the risk of heading into a fight without doing a little research first.

Try your hand identifying the various foes of Supernatural and prove yourself worthy of hunting alongside the Winchesters!

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