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Do You Know These 25 Superheroes’ Real Names?

There is so much to creating a good superhero that we tend not to think about. Sure you need a cool hero name and costume and an interesting power set. But what about the backstory? To give your hero any sort of depth readers have to know where they come from, what their deal is, and (most importantly) what their real name is.

It’s tougher than you might think. Try to keep it simple and classic and it will be criticized as being generic and unconvincing. Make it too abstract and folks will feel it’s just too fantastic to be somebody’s name (although names are getting way more varied these days). There’s a fine art to a good comic name. Some have stuck around as classics because they’re so silly; but others have just enough ‘everyman’ in them to be plausible. Let’s see how well you know the real names of these 25 superheroes!

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