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How Well Do You Know Street Fighter? Can You Name These Characters?

Street Fighter has been the king of fighting games for almost three decades now, having debuted in arcades in August of 1987. Throughout the years, the game series has maintained its popularity among fans of fighting games, thanks in large part to its ever-expanding roster of colorful and eye-catching characters.

While the original Street Fighter only had a single playable character for the game’s story mode, Street Fighter II introduced a variety of characters, all with different playstyles, attacks, and combos. As the series has progressed, every new game has added additional wacky fighters that have helped the game maintain its frenetic energy. Over the years, Street Fighter has even featured a few characters who debuted in other Capcom games, from the popular Final Fight series, to more obscure titles that fans might not be familiar with.

But how well do you know the various characters from Street Fighter history? While we all know some of the more iconic characters, there are plenty of more obscure fighters and non-player characters who might prove tricky for even a seasoned veteran of the series to recognize. How many of the following fifty Street Fighter characters can you identify?

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