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Star Wars: Can You Name These 25 Obscure (Canon) Characters?

Everyone is the hero of their own story: this is the theory the writers of Star Wars‘ many tie-in novels, games, and comic books work under. Every cantina is filled to the brim with characters deserving their own film; each background character is worth a TV episode; anyone with a single line of alien dialogue is probably a deposed monarch. If you were the uncle of a bounty hunter that bumped into a main character accidentally, you are probably the subject of a trilogy of novels. Congratulations! You’re in the Star Wars universe.

Most Star Wars fans can get by without knowing the names of each bit player to pop up in the movies, and that’s fine. But those dedicated enough look for lore away from the silver screen have a deeper appreciation for the Star Wars story. Why was that guy in the Mos Eisley cantina that day, anyway? Why should we care that this particular Jedi died that day? And who the heck was that?!

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