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Can You Name The Star Wars Planet?

The many worlds of Star Wars are what make the galaxy far, far away interesting and varied. Many of the films have showcased different worlds, from jungles in A New Hope to icy tundras and swamps in The Empire Strikes BackRevenge of the Sith brought viewers to a volcanic world and the most recent film, Rogue One included scenes on four new and very different planets. Planets from Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars will also appear on this list, as well as homeworlds and planets that are only mentioned in the movies.

For this quiz, you will be presented with a clue about a planet along with a picture, and you will have to choose the correct planet name from a list of four. It is important to note that while the pictures are also clue to help you guess the planet, they may not be of the planet or on the planet. They may instead show a character or species that is related to the planet. For instance, if the clue is “Han Solo’s Homeworld”, it could show a picture of Han in the Mos Eisley cantina, but that does not mean that Han is from Tatooine (HINT: He’s not!). While Han’s homeworld has yet to show up in a Star Wars film, it seems likely that it will appear in the upcoming Han Solo movie.

Good luck, and may the Force be with you.

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