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Star Wars: Can You Identify These Sith?

The Sith Order is a group of Force-users in the Star Wars universe who use the dark side of the Force. Originally, thousands of years before the events in the Star Wars films, the Sith were a group of ex-Jedi who chose to abandon the Order’s teachings and instead turned to the dark side. Over the thousands of years leading up to the movies, the Sith and Jedi waged wars against each other, beginning with the Hundred-Year Darkness and only ending when Darth Vader killed Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor.

While the Sith could reappear in later Star Wars films (or appear in more movies that are set before Darth Vader’s demise, like Vader’s epic scene in Rogue One), there is no evidence that they outlast Endor. It is important to remember that not all dark side Force-users are Sith, and so Kylo Ren and other dark side Force-users who are not affiliated with the Sith order will not appear in this quiz. However, dark Force-users who are not part of the Sith’s “Rule of Two” but studied as an acolyte under a Sith will be included, as will Sith from non-canon Star Wars Legends.

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