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Can You Name The Star Wars Creature?

The Star Wars franchise has introduced us to the incredible galaxy far, far away – a galaxy filled with iconic villains, unforgettable heroes, dashing rogues, and tons of creatures. From deadly monsters and giant terrors to friendly pack mules and cute critters, creatures live in all corners and all climates throughout the Star Wars galaxy. A “creature” is defined as a nonsentient animal, and therefore separate from a sentient alien (non-human) race, such as Wookiees or Mon Calamari.

The thirty-five creatures that appear in this quiz are all part of the Star Wars canon, appearing in either the Star Wars movies (including Rogue One) or the Clone Wars or Rebels animated television series. Some of these creatures are named by the characters within the film or show, or otherwise play significant roles that affect the plot of the film or show; others only appear in the background (with their names and additional information appearing in textual guides or resources outside of the films or television shows).

In addition to a written clue, each creature is accompanied with a picture. You will select the correct name of the creature from four multiple choice options. There are no creatures from Star Wars Legends or any of the canonical Star Wars novels in this quiz.

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