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Star Wars: Can You Name These Jedi?

It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan. Episode VII: The Force Awakens brought the franchise back into the spotlight with a love letter to the fans, and Rogue One turned out to be better than any of us were expecting. Although many fans were dismayed at the jettisoning of the old Expanded Universe (now non-canon and referred to as Legends), most agree that it was for the best that upcoming Star Wars content be wholly original and not mere adaptations of old EU stories.

Throughout the millennia, countless Jedi have fought to protect the galaxy from evil, from the time of the Old Republic to the violent years of the Clone Wars, and the non-canon golden age of the New Republic. Some Jedi are universally recognized by all Star Wars fans, but others are more obscure and may test the knowledge of even the most hardened aficionados of the universe created by George Lucas 40 years ago.

How well do you truly know Star Wars? Can you tell the difference between Yoda and Yaddle? Do you understand the distinction between Qui-Gon Jinn and Gordon’s Gin? Put your Star Wars IQ to the test with this 35-question quiz: Can You Name These Jedi?

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