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Star Wars: Can You Name These Expanded Universe Characters?

Star Wars is so much more than a movie franchise. Even before the first film hit in 1977 there was already books and comics based on the plot of A New Hope released, and in the years since the Expanded Universe blew up to present a millennia-spanning mythology that rivaled the likes of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. After Disney acquired Lucasfilm, they reset the continuity and are moving forward with a brand new canon, meaning there’s now twice the fun.

The actual quality of these books, comics, games, TV shows, RPGs and more has varied wildly; there’s been some stories that sit comfortably alongside the main movies (Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire was essential in making the franchise cool again in the early-1990s) and some that are well worth forgetting (the original Marvel Comics run really are just period curios), but across several millennia of mythology the non-movie side of Star Wars (in which we’re including the theatrically released, but televisually-focused The Clone Wars movie) has introduced a massive set of memorable characters in their own right.

But how much do you really know about the wider Star Wars world? From the long-forgotten Expanded Universe to the still-developing canon, can you name all of these non-movie characters?

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