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Star Wars Or Star Trek – Which Do You Know Better?

Star Trek and Star Wars are two of the oldest and most influential science fiction properties in popular culture. They’re so big and so distinct from each other that they have become common camps of demarcation among nerds and geeks. You’re either a Trekkie or a Star Wars fan, just like you’re either a Red Sox or a Yankees fan.

But besides what you are into, fans often compare their depth of knowledge about their chosen franchises. It may not be fair to judge fans based on how much they know, but it sure is fun to test ourselves and each other.

So with Star Trek Discovery and The Last Jedi looming large on the horizons of each series, now is a fantastic time to offer up tests of knowledge to fans of two of the biggest franchises ever. Are you ready to beam up and jump to hyper space? Take ScreenRant’s How Well Do You Know Star Trek Vs Star Wars Quiz!

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