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The Simpsons: Do You Know Who Voiced These Characters?

There is a strong argument to be made for The Simpsons being the most important TV show of all time. A large part of this success belongs to the actors who voice all of the characters on the show. The performances of people like Dan Castellaneta, Harry Shearer, Hank Azaria, and Nancy Cartwright, have all contributed to some of the best jokes in television history. Without their hard work, The Simpsons would not be as fondly remembered as it is today.

The Simpsons has a large cast of regular voice actors, who all voice numerous recurring characters on the show. When The Simpsons became a huge hit early on, the show began attracting celebrities, who were desperate to cameo in what was becoming one of the most important TV shows of all time. Some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood history have voiced one-off characters in The Simpsons.

If you clicked on this quiz, then you probably think that you know your Simpsons voice actors. The show has broadcast over six hundred episodes since the end of the ’80s. This gives us a huge well of characters and celebrity guest stars to choose from. So can you name all of the voice actors for these Simpsons characters?

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