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How Well Do You Remember The Sega Genesis? Can You Name All These Games?

Before the console wars became a Coke/Pepsi-type dynamic between Sony and Microsoft (with Nintendo off doing its own thing fairly successfully), there was a different struggle for the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere. The 16-bit era had two major players in Nintendo’s Super Nintendo and Sega’s Genesis. The Super Nintendo existed as the utilitarian catch-all console; a hearty stable of Nintendo-made games (using the likes of Mario, Link, Samus, and Donkey Kong) backed by killer games made by third party publishers.

Sega branded its Genesis (known as the Mega Drive outside North America) as the edgy alternative to the establishment. The first half of the ‘90s will forever be remembered as a time when it was hip to be extreme (usually so extreme that it was spelled ‘Xtreme’), and Sega wallowed in that image as much as could be possible by a consumer electronics brand. The Genesis was manufactured starting in 1988 in Japan and was technically discontinued here in North America in 1997. The system is still being made in different iterations for different markets, and can even now be had with built-in games to go with the cartridge slot. All told there were nearly 900 games made for the Genesis. Do you have what it takes to name these Genesis games?

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