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Rotten Tomatoes: Is This Movie Fresh Or Rotten?

Rotten Tomatoes isn’t a perfect tool, but it’s certainly a useful one. The review aggregator can let you know what’s worth seeing, at a glance. Of course, the site shouldn’t be the only way you determine which movies are worthy of your time, but it can certainly help you prioritize. Every notable release of recent years has received a score from the site, and not all of them have received the designation of fresh that Rotten Tomatoes bestows on films who are reviewed favorably by 60% of critics or more.

In some cases, it’s apparent what the consensus around a film is. If you’re involved in the conversation around movies, you usually get a sense of what critics are enjoying and what they really aren’t. Sometimes, though, critics can surprise us. They can latch onto films that many audiences revile, even as they praise others that no one expected to be good. All Rotten Tomatoes does is compile a score. The films in this quiz were all rated by the site, and each has been given a distinction.

Can you tell which of these movies is “Fresh” and which is “Rotten”?

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