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Do You Actually Remember These ’90s Cartoons?

The ‘90s were a wild time in the world of cartoons. Corporations and toy companies knew full well they could roll out a cartoon if only to promote a toy brand, and so we had no short supply of toons out there only to make a buck. Social and political and (especially) environmental awareness was at the forefront of the public consciousness, and those messages were spread and promoted by cartoons to the younger generations. But the ‘90s were also a time of great experimentation and edginess in cartoons. The generation that grew up with counter-culture cartooning icons like R. Crumb were having kids, and took that absurdism and raunchy adult humor, and threw it into animation for both kids and grownups. It’s unfair to call any decade the best decade for cartoons (because there’s so much good stuff and junk in every decade), but these are some of the cartoons we fondly remember from the ‘90s. How many do you remember?

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