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Can You Name All These Star Wars Bounty Hunters?

If you need a dirty job done in a galaxy far, far away, you hire a bounty hunter. These daring and often unscrupulous pilots, thieves, mercenaries, and smugglers will track down and capture (or kill) anyone with a bounty on their head. Bounty hunters have played big roles in the Star Wars universe, and can be found throughout the galaxy, from Kamino to Coruscant to Jakku. Many bounty hunters took part in Darth Vader’s manhunt for Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back (1980). While Admiral Piett sneers, “Bounty hunters. We don’t need their scum,” Vader favors bounty hunters, also using them to do his dirty work in the Darth Vader comics. But the empire isn’t the only one to use bounty hunters; other bounty hunters played important roles in the Clone Wars or went on to join the Rebel Alliance.

This quiz is comprised of Star Wars canon bounty hunters who appear in the various visual mediums. This means that characters from the movies (from the prequels to the sequels), television shows, and comic books are all considered, while characters who appear in novels, like Jas Emari or Mercurial Swift, do not. Additionally, bounty hunters that appear only in Star Wars Legends are not included. While it’s likely that we will see some new (or old) bounty hunters in the new Han Solo movie, we have not included characters from forthcoming films including The Last Jedi.

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