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Can You Name These 50 Spider-Man Villains?

When it comes to bad guys, Spider-Man has got quite a few. As if managing relationships, homework, bills, and a part-time job isn’t enough for one guy to handle, Peter Parker’s life has been complicated far too often by the colorful array of vicious foes that he’s collected over the years, all of them itching for the chance to wipe him off the face of the Earth. Everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood webhead has faced many life or death battles, stopped countless bank robberies… and unfortunately, lost some of his closest loved ones at the hands of murderous supervillains.

From unhinged corporate executives to mad scientists, small-time crooks to demonic monsters, and goblins to scorpions, Spider-Man has one of the most memorable rogues galleries in comic book history. While some of the big ones have tasted cinematic fame, others are still waiting for their chance to take their first shot at the wall-crawler on the big screen.

But which ones do you know? If one of these dastardly criminals crept up on you in a dark alley, would you know who it was? Here is your chance to test out your Spider-knowledge, true believers! Tell us, Can You Name These 50 Spider-Man Villains?

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