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Name That Horror Movie Sequel!

While there are few successful films that are immune to sequelitis, there’s something about the horror genre that inspires studios to churn out sequels at a rate that is often more frightening than the movies themselves. The horror genre is beloved by studios that see it as a way to turn a cheap investment into a potentially huge hit. The larger that hit is, the more incentive they have to milk the franchise dry via a series of sequels that rarely capture the original movie’s brilliance, but do tend to earn a respectable portion of its box office return.

The one thing that anyone who has seen too many of these sequels will tell you is that they tend to blend together over time. Typically, they consist of the same killer, the same sort of victims, and the same basic plot. Even those sequels which attempt to distinguish themselves in some way tend to get lumped in with the rest of the pack over time. Because of this, only truly hardcore horror fans are able to identify a horror sequel using only the help of a single image. Do you think you have what it takes to turn a single frame into the name of these horror franchise follow-ups?

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