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Name That Harry Potter Spell!

For those of us who grew up reading Harry Potter or watching the movies, Harry’s journey into the wizarding world mirrored our own. As he was introduced to the concept of magic and his own abilities to make the impossible happen, we too relished in imagining that someday, our Hogwarts letter would come.

Perhaps one of the most memorable and enchanting experiences came when Harry first visited Ollivander’s wand shop. Suddenly, a whole new world opened up to him, as he now had possession of a magical tool to hone in on his abilities. Spells, charms, hexes, jinxes, curses and the like were now at his fingertips — he need only recite the magic words.

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J.K. Rowling cleverly created all of the spells in the Harry Potter series, inspired by her love of linguistics and etymology. Many of the words have a Latin root or combine different languages such as Greek, English, and even Aramaic. Some spells were used quite frequently by multiple characters, and some were used only once and never mentioned again.

Obviously, for this reason, there are certain spells that come to mind much easier than others. Drawing from your own personal Harry Potter knowledge, how many spells can you recall? And, more importantly, can you remember what each of them does? Play Name That Harry Potter Spell to find out!

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