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DC’s Young Justice: Can You Name Every Member?

Fans of Cartoon Network’s animated series Young Justice were ecstatic to hear that the show was returning for a third season. The series follows a group young superheroes fighting for recognition and respect from their elders in the Justice League. They soon gain their wish and form a team that operates alongside the league. The team performs covert operations while the league continues to take on the more obvious, public threats. It starts with just four members – Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Superboy – and quickly grows into a powerful force of justice. It was loosely inspired by a beloved comic book series of the same name from the late 1990s, which focused on the generation of sidekicks after the Teen Titans had grown up.

The show became a whole universe of its own, with a focus on the younger heroes. Despite having a large and dedicated fanbase, the show had been cancelled after season two and was left on an extremely unsatisfying cliffhanger. Fans never gave up, and now it is coming back after three, long years. Test how prepared you are for its return and see if you can name every member of Young Justice, from the comic books to the television series.

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