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Can You Match Each X-Men Character To Their Mutant Power?

The X-Men are one of Marvel’s most popular franchises of all time. Though it was their best-selling comic book that first put them on the map, Marvel’s mutant brigade has now truly hit the stratosphere, thanks to a blockbuster movie series which has churned out ten films to date, culminating in this year’s smash hit Logan. With multiple sequels and spin-offs still in the works, from New Mutants to Deadpool 2, there’s no question that these mutant superheroes are going to be around for a long time. What makes the X-Men series such an enormous success, of course, is its relevance to real world issues. Since the beginning, the struggles of the mutant population have been used as an allegory for the prejudice, oppression, and constant threat that so many racial, social, and economic groups face in today’s society.

But of course, we can’t deny that another part of what makes the X-Men so popular is just how cool those mutant powers are. From exploding cards to flying like a bird, there’s an X-Men character for every superpower you can possibly dream up. But how big of an X-fan are you? The time has come to test your knowledge, and see if you can name the mutant power that belongs to each X-Man, X-Villain, and more. Don’t get cocky, it’s trickier than you think! Do you have what it takes to Match Each X-Men Character to Their Mutant Power? 

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