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Mass Effect: Can You Name These 25 NPCs From The Original Game?

With Mass Effect Andromeda stirring up a whole new round of hype and hype and controversy for the series, it’s important to remember what has made the series so enjoyable and memorable for so many gamers in the first place: the characters. Like in any great story, the characters in Mass Effect convey the setting and the action and connect the player with the story and stakes.

Mass Effect is full of memorable main characters, the ones who joined Shepard’s squad and ship. But it is also full of interesting supporting NPCs – non-player characters – encountered on particular missions or in specific locations. Mass Effect would hardly feel like a galaxy if it wasn’t populated with believable, flawed people to help or hinder as Shepard chooses. This quiz for Mass Effect fans is about those characters. Can You Name These 25 Characters From the Original Mass Effect?

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