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Marvel Or DC: Which Publisher Does This Character Belong To?

Marvel and DC have been two sides of the same coin now for decades. The top two publishers in the comic book world, both have focused primarily on the world of superheroes and costumed villains. In their pursuit for the lion’s share of the market, they have both hopped on other trends as they’ve come about– westerns, martial arts books, and even romance comics. The core, however, has always remained do-gooders in spandex. Both publishers lay claim to a rabid fanbase that will often denigrate the other (while there are plenty of fans with a foot firmly planted in both camps, the norm is for a fan to espouse one over the other).

The funny thing in this all is how remarkably similar the two publishers can be.  Publisher-wide initiatives or universe reboots have a way of occurring in both Marvel and DC right at about the same times. Several mainstay characters on both sides are either blatant rip-offs of characters from the other publisher, or are so similar it is easy to get them mixed up. This hasn’t, though, stopped the publishers from taking potshots at one another by creating a parody character (more on this in a later entry).

So the question is, how dedicated are you to your publisher? Take our quiz and find out if you truly know the company you love!

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