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Legend of Zelda: Can You Name These 25 Characters?

Over the last thirty years, The Legend of Zelda series has produced a whopping 19 games to enjoy, and in turn, introduced us to some of the most iconic video game characters of all time. Though Link has always been cast as the central character of the series, there have been literally hundreds of side-characters introduced between the original 1986 game and this year’s Breath of the Wild. The Zelda series is known for its multitude of side-quests that Link can dig into in order to help his fellow citizens of Hyrule. If not for is\ts large cast of interesting and sympathetic characters, this classic Nintendo series would simply fall flat.

While any casual gamers could surely recognize the likes of Link and Princess Zelda with just a passing glance, it takes a true Zelda expert to identify some of the lesser known characters within the series. While some of these characters have had small parts in almost all of the games, others may have only appeared within a single game.

Let’s see how many of these 25 Zelda characters you can name!

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