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Is This Hero An X-Men Or An Avenger?

In the Marvel Universe, there are two superhero teams bigger than any other: the Avengers, and the X-Men. Sure, the Guardians of the Galaxy keep the universe safe and the Defenders deal with all of those street-level crimes, but the Avengers and the X-Men are definitely the major leaguers, their ranks filled with quite a number of Marvel’s biggest heroes. And yet, the two teams couldn’t be more different. While the Avengers are (usually) celebrated as heroes by the world they live in, or at least seen as celebrities, the X-Men are feared and hated at every turn, constantly having to protect their own existence from prejudiced government policies or mutant-hunting robots.

In the movies, these two teams will probably never interact, due to all that complicated Hollywood legal stuff. But in the comics, the X-Men and the Avengers have teamed up, fought one another, and gone to weddings together. On top of that, some superheroes have actually served as members of both teams…

So if you consider yourself a Marvel expert, here’s your chance to prove it. Be warned, there are some hard ones up ahead! As we move through each popular Marvel character, can you identify: is this hero is an X-Men or an Avenger?

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