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Is This Comic Character From DC’s Suicide Squad Or Marvel’s Thunderbolts?

Over the years, Marvel and DC have shared a number of similar ideas. Whether tapping into the same concepts or copying each other, both publishers have regularly introduced plots, teams, and characters that bear striking similarities to each other. One of the most popular of their shared ideas is each company’s version of the superhero team composed of villains.

For DC, they have the Suicide Squad. Introduced in the ‘60s as a military task force, the group was rebooted in the ‘80s as a black-ops team of supervillains seeking shorter sentences. Marvel, meanwhile, created the Thunderbolts in the late ’90s as a group of villains disguising themselves as heroes. Many eventually turned to the side of good, kicking off the new version of the Thunderbolts as a way to reform criminals. For all but the most diehard comic readers, telling the two teams’ members apart can be difficult. Do you have what it takes?

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