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Can You Identify These Movies Based on These Images Alone?

So, you think you know movies? If you clicked on this quiz, then the answer to that question is an emphatic “Yes!” Still, even the most well-trained cinefiles can find themselves stumped sometimes. That’s why we’ve decided to filter out the truly gifted movie viewers from the phonies. In each example given, you will be provided a hint alongside an image. With the exception of a few entries, we’ve tried to exclude main characters from the picture to keep things interesting. Some answers will come easier than others, but rest assured, only the best of the best will come out on top.

From boisterous chase sequences that will have you on the edge of your seat to sweeping romantic tales that pull on the heartstrings long after the credits have rolled, we’ve sorted through a collection of genres, picking between timeless films both new and old to really put your knowledge to the test. If you’re the kind of person who incessantly speaks in movie quotes or annoys their friends with trivia about the greatest Hollywood epics, you’ve found the quiz you’ve been searching for. Be advised, if you don’t know you stuff, we cannot guarantee a passing grade.

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