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How Well Do You Know The Incredible Hulk?

The Incredible Hulk is arguably one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes of all time; he’s been around since 1962, and featured in nearly every major Marvel comic book storyline since then, and been portrayed by multiple actors between live action and animated series.

Bruce Banner’s predicament is both relatable and tragic; his inner demons keep him from the woman he loves and the scientific accolades he deserves. Of course, his inner demons manifest as a gigantic, ultra-powerful rage monster known as the Hulk, which is not very relatable.

Since his inception, puny Banner and the Incredible Hulk have gone on some strange adventures, turned other people into Hulk-like creatures, and fought some incredibly odd supervillains. Think you know the Hulk’s story inside and out? It’s time to put that genius-level intellect to the test and prove it!

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