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How Well Do You Know The Characters Of The Whedonverse?

Few creators can say that they have an entire ‘verse named after them. Joss Whedon builds his worlds from the ground up, making each one so unique and yet so distinctly his own creation. He has shattered our expectations of what television is capable of more than once, and altered everything from our perceptions to our speech patterns.

A large part of what makes the Whedonverse such an incredible place to visit are the amazing characters with which he chooses to populate these worlds. Whether it be a teenage girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders and her endearing band of misfits or a lovable ragtag group of space renegades, Joss Whedon has been introducing us to unforgettable characters for more than twenty years.

Whedon fans are a loyal and rabid bunch, devouring every new corner of the ‘verse that he chooses to grant us access to. Are you familiar enough with his work to remember all of these characters? While there are plenty of well known names here, there are a few deep cuts as well and some are certainly more memorable than others. It’s time to take this quiz and How Well Do You Know The Characters Of The Whedonverse?

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