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How Well Do You Know The Alien Series?

The Alien franchise is one of the most iconic in all of sci-fi cinema. Everything from the design of the xenomorph creature, the unforgettable sequences (the chestbuster, the Alien Queen fight, etc) and the character of Ripley have firmly lodged the series in the brains of movie fans worldwide. The series has also graced comics, video games, and even plush toys, and long may it continue to haunt our collective nightmares.

The forthcoming Alien: Covenant will be the eighth franchise outing, and it promises to introduce some cool new elements to the mythology. With a return to the series on the horizon, what better time is there for fans to test their years of knowledge with an epic, brain-teasing quiz? We’ll be looking at every film in the series so far, from the acclaimed 1979 original all the way to slightly less acclaimed outings like Alien vs Predator: Requiem and Prometheus.

The questions range from common knowledge to more obscure trivia, and it’s designed to (hopefully) give even veteran fans a bit of a challenge. So load up your Pulse Rifle and switch on that motion tracker, as we go for a deep dive into the world of Alien; just make sure you don’t get lost along the way.

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