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How Well Do You Know Batman’s Rogues Gallery?

There are a lot of amazing comic book supervillains out there, but perhaps no rogues gallery on Earth is as infamous as the many bizarre and disturbed criminals of Gotham City. When the Batman prowls the city’s rooftops at night, he comes across dozens of recognizable costumed foes, each character possessing their own bizarre gimmick, strange fixation, or uncomfortable personality quirks. There’s always something shady going down in Gotham. When the city’s Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker, isn’t busy making his victims “smile,” then Mr. Freeze is turning the grocery store parking lot into a skating rink, or Two-Face is making murderous deals in the alleyways.

Many of Batman’s worst foes have faced off against the Dark Knight on film, and many more were featured in 2016’s Suicide Squad. But while even the most casual viewer can name at least half of Batman’s rogues gallery on sight, it takes a serious fan to know each villain’s back story, hidden quirks, and trivia information. These colorful, crafty characters are holding many dark secrets within their hideouts — secrets that no one should say any louder than a whisper, unless you want to end up on Carmine Falcone’s hit list. It’s time to find out, How Well Do You Know Batman’s Rogues?

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