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How Much Do You Know About The Original Star Wars Trilogy?

When it comes to the world of entertainment, is there anything bigger than Star Wars? Probably not. It’s practically everywhere — movies, television, video games, comic books, toy merchandise, etc. — and its presence is only amplified whenever there’s a new installment about to release. It shouldn’t be that surprising; Star Wars fans are an excitable bunch. Every detail, about every character, is up for deciphering and theorizing. Everyone matters, even the people who appear in one scene, say one word, and then are quickly killed off. Sometimes, they became the unsung heroes of the story, at least to us.

In the mid-’70s, George Lucas set out to create this beloved universe (or galaxy), and the result could not have been what anyone imagined. While the franchise has spun off into various fields, with countless stories being told across multiple mediums, the original trilogy — consisting of Episodes IV, V, and VI — is where the bulk of attention lies. Over the years, Star Wars fans have unearthed the history behind the creation of the trilogy, as well as analyzed virtually every scene and its significance. The question is, how deep have you ventured? Some people may be able to answer any question pertaining to the Star Wars saga, but can you? Take our quiz and find out…

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