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Can You Guess These Movies Where The Actors Played Themselves?

Acting, of course, is all about stepping into someone else’s shoes. Actors have the gift of being able to play people who are very different from themselves, often creating characters from scratch. The best ones do it so credibly that the audience completely forgets that they’re watching a star and becomes fully invested in the fictional creation. Look no further than Emma Stone in La La Land or Hugh Jackman in Logan for two excellent — and diverse — examples. To be able to convincingly pull that off that is an incredible gift.

Sometimes, though, actors have an equally daunting task: playing themselves. While it may sound easy on the surface, it’s actually quite difficult. When they can’t rely strictly on imagination and invention, they have to find a way of presenting their own personas onscreen in a manner that is interesting and serves the story being told.

For this quiz, we’re going to test your knowledge of times when this occurred. Each of the following actors played themselves in a feature film, either in a major role or a cameo. How many of the films can you correctly identify?

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