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Dragon Ball: How Well Do You Know Vegeta?

Vegeta wasn’t brought into the franchise until Dragon Ball Z, but there is no doubt that his popularity has surpassed that of the majority of the characters introduced in the original Dragon Ball. Many people would even call him their favorite character in the entire franchise. The slow burn of Vegeta’s development from an antihero to a full-blown member of the Z Fighters was one of the most intriguing parts of Dragon Ball Z, and he continues to keep fans captivated with his major role in Super.

Given how well-liked Vegeta is, you might feel like there isn’t anything you don’t know about him. We figured why not put that to the test in a quiz about the Prince of all Saiyans. We’ll be basing these questions on all of the anime in the franchise, so hopefully you’ve watched all the hundreds of episodes. If you’re a huge Vegeta fan, maybe this will be a snap for you. Or you might find out you don’t know him as well as you think.

Let’s find out: How Well Do You Know Vegeta?

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