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Doctor Who: Which Doctor Fought This Monster?

Doctor Who is one of the longest-running and most beloved sci-fi series on television, having delighted fans with the exploits of the Doctor and his companions since the ’60s. Since the show began, it’s been through plenty of changes, from the appearance of the Doctor himself through his many regenerations, to his sonic screwdriver and the companions that he travels with. The show was even rebooted in 2005, bring the Time Lord and his TARDIS to a whole new generation of fans.

While the series has had plenty of sub-plots and larger story arcs, the core of each episode remains the adventures of the Doctor as he discovers new creatures throughout time and space. Usually, these creatures are far from friendly, and while the Doctor himself tends to find them fascinating, to mere humans, these are terrifying monsters. The Doctor usually manages to save the day, of course, but it’s far from easy. Crossing the line between sci-fi and horror, the show involves plenty of nightmare fuel and a trail of bodies that the Doctor wasn’t in time to save.

As the rebooted Doctor Who continues with its tenth season, we take a look back at some of the monsters that the Doctor has faced since 2005. Fans of the show will recognize most of these beasties, but can you match the monster to the Doctor (or Doctors) that faced them?

Note: questions only take into account the main TV series — not spin-offs, comics, webisodes, or other stories.

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