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Do You Know Which Famous Actors Turned Down These Huge Roles?

The life of an actor or actress is never easy. You attend audition after audition hoping to land any role just to be able to pay the bills. You try out for any part available just to get your name out there and to gain some experience. Now, once you become a little more established, then you can have more say in which roles would be good for your career. However, sometimes those picky decisions can lead to the biggest missed opportunities for additional notoriety and stardom.

The celebrities in this quiz are well-known, established actors and actresses. Although their careers, up to this point, have gone significantly well, they have each missed one of those career-defining roles that could have skyrocketed their fame. Granted, we do not know how they would have been in the roles, but, we can see what it did for the performers that did secure the jobs. And yes, the results were pretty phenomenal. From pop-culture defining roles to Academy Award-winning performances, the artists that accepted those roles have reaped the benefits.

So let’s test how well you know your movie trivia and the landmark roles that these celebrities regret never taking or rejecting. Do You Know Which Famous Actors Turned Down These Huge Roles?

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