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Do You Know These 25 Supervillains’ Real Names?

Without villains, heroes would have no purpose in life. In over 75 years of comics, there have been countless villains with any number of powers, psychotic tendencies, and motivations. Some are Earthbound, others are from space or another dimension. There are so many out there that can scare the hell out of you. There are others that your toddler and a corgi can beat up with no problem.

There have been solo acts, teams, syndicates, and societies. Some want to take over the world, some have political messages, while others are just trying to get by and support themselves. Of course, they could just get a job like the rest of us, but then, what would you do with all the tights and that themed weaponry you bought on eBay?

Surely, you’re familiar with the likes of the Joker, Darkseid, Dr. Doom, and Magneto. But what about the people that are underneath? Sure, Magneto runs around and gets on TV, but what name does he put on his tax forms?

If you opened this quiz, you think you know your villains. Maybe you do, but do you know what they call themselves in their off hours? How well do you really know the villains in your neighborhood? Take this quiz and find out.

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